Poetry and song and maybe culture

Sunday, April 23, 2006

One book

One book

(revised from Tome of Hate - Glacian)

I-That-I-Am says that you should not eat ham
and if you erect a golden ram,

you shall be forever damned.
Thou shalt not think thou shall believe
even if prophets do deceive.
Paul says that He justified
That's how I know that he lied.

Would you, could you kill your son
If God commands that it be done?
Would you, could you rape a wife
Or end a heathen's blameless life?

The Bible says that its okay
beat that slave throughout the day.
The Bible condones theft and slaughter
stealing and raping a father's daughter.
Would you, could you burn a queer?
Does lust in your heart make you fear?
Are you judged by your actions
or are you part of the free-pass faction?

If you save the children and feed the poor
bring hope to those who have no more
but don't accept Jesus Christ,
should your soul be the sacrificed?

Would you, could you dash babes against stones
and deafen your ears against their moans?
Would you, could you stone another
if they blaspheme or curse their mother?

Could you ignore the contradictions
and believe in a work of mythic fiction?
Could you guide your conduct by archaic authors
and give cash to those church's coffers?

Could you believe that women are shamed
that for mankind's faults they are to blame?
Could you believe that an infinite being
That all knowing and all seeing
cares at all for whom you love
as He watches from above?

Homosexuals God forsakes,
that's why burn them at the stake
along with witches, heathens, and inquirers.
Don't ask questions of those inspired
for all the answers are already there.
God did it, question not, do not dare,
for questions plant the seeds of doubt
and Christians can't go down that route.

I say Truth is that which The Book opposes.
Don't subscribe to the lies of Moses.
Would you, could you believe this tome of hate
That has doomed so many to a hellish fate
not in the world beyond, but here on earth.
I ask of you: What is FAITH worth?

Of all the books burned throughout the ages
All the knowledge lost in the works of sages
it should have been the Bible’s pages
Torn asunder in righteous rages
To free mankind from religion’s cages.